Mini Huayhuash Trek

  • Valle Llamac and Rondoy
  • Llamac Valley
  • Sambunya Pass
  • Jahuacocha camp
  • Llaucha Pass
  • Huacrish Viewpoint
  • Logistic movement


The 4-day mini huayhuash trek is the shortest option for limited time hikers or not willing to make the complete circuit. Where the walk will bring you very quickly at the foot of the most famous mountains: Rondoy, Jirishanca, Ninashanca, Yerupaja and Rasac.

The walk is centered around Lake Jahuacocha at 4150m. Excellent place for fishing and enjoy the quiet night off the slopes.

Trek details

Duration: 04 days / 03 nights.

Altitude Max: 4700 Step Sambunya.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Daily walk: 5/7 Hours.

Location: Cordillera Huayhuash.

Best seasons: April / November.

Activities: Walk / Nature.

Start: Huaraz / Rondoy.

Final: Llamac / Huaraz.



A certified professional trekking guide,  who speaks Spanish and English if requiredtrained in 1st Aid, risk management and assessment and responsibility to provide overall standard of excellence in service quality.

A profesional cook who prepares a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes, and who is trained to cook in a hygienic manner mountain.

The muleteer (arriero) is in charge of loading the donkeys, looking after them and guiding them to camp.

The number of donkeys provided depends on the size of de the group.

Emergency Horse
One horse accompanies the group for emergency purposes.

Fantastic Meals
All food during the expeditions is provided as part of the package. We offer a combination of Peruvian and western dishes. The varied, good-quality, high-energy food prepared by our profesional cook is specifically suited to rigorous activity.  We also regularly accommodate vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-gluten and other specialty diets.

Private Transport
From you hotel in huaraz to the starting point of trek, an from the finishing point of the trek back to your hotel in Huaraz.


  • A good quality high mountain tent (doublé occupancy)
  • A foam sleeping mat.
  • Dining tent.
  • Kitchen tent.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Toilet tent.
  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit.
  • Cooking stove.
  • All necessary dishes (knifes, forks, spoons, plates, cups, etc.), cooking utensils and pots.


  • Sleeping bag.
  • Inflatable sleeping mattress.
  • Tip.
  • Water on the first day.
  • First breakfast (day 1).
  • Last dinner (day 4).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Soft drinks.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Additional expenses as a result of leaving the expedition early.
  • Additional expenses as a result of an emergency rescue or evacuation.
  • Items of personal nature
  • All other services and ítems not listed as included.

Mini Huayhuash Trek. If you need more information CONTAC US





Day 01: : Huaraz – Huallanca – Paso Cuncush (4700m) – Campo Rondoy (4120m).

Departure 8 am.
South of Huaraz passing through the town of Recuay. Conococha and the lookout point.
We follow the route through Yanashalla, Huanzala, Huallanca and the Cuncush pass, other views of the Huallanca mountain range and descend through the valley to the Rondoy field.
The trip lasts 6 hours.


Day 02: Campo Rondoy – Paso Sambunya (4750m) – Lake Jahuacocha (4050m)

Ascent through the Rondoy valley to the Sambunya pass where we have the view of Yerupaja.
We descend along the lake Solteracocha and Lake Jahuacocha.
The walk lasts 5 to 6 hours and rest.


Day 03: Lake Jahuacocha – Mirador Huacrish (4886m) Lake Jahuacocha (4050m)

Ascent through the Huacrish valley to the Llauchapunta pass for the views of the mute devil and others.
We go to Cerro Huacrish for the panoramic view of the Rondoy, Jirishanca, Yerupaja, Sarapo, Rasac and shaccra mountains.
Then we descend with the view of Jahuacocha and Solteracoccha.


Day 04: Lake Jahuacocha – Llamac – Huaraz

We left by the valley achín next the channel of water until pampa de LLamac.
Then we descend to the town of Llamac where private transportation awaits us.
Return to the city of Huaraz, the trip lasts 5 hours the end of the expedition.

2 reviews for Mini Huayhuash Trek

  1. Maria Victoria Trujillo Barrientos

    De la mano de Humberto Huamán y Jilver Marcelo y la impecable organización de Peruhuayhuash recorrí el minihuayhuash. Una experiencia única e inolvidable no sólo por la majestuosidad de sus paisajes, sino por la paciencia, sabiduría y, sobretodo, amplia experiencia de estos caballeros que, desde hace muchos tiempo (25 años), vienen recorriendo las entrañas del corazón de los andes. Humberto y su ahijado Jilver conocen, como la palma de su mano, no sólo la alucinante cordillera de Huayhuash, sino La Cordillera Blanca y los más recónditos paraísos de Perú. Gracias a esto Humberto es, hoy por hoy, Presidente de Guías oficiales de Caminatas del Perú. En mejores manos no pude estar. Sin duda Peruhuayhuash es la mejor alternativa para recorrer las Montañas Peruanas

  2. François HILBERT

    François HILBERT

    4 allée des châtaigniers

    59990 Estreux (FRANCE)

    Faute de temps au bout de trois semaines de vacances au Pérou en août 2019, je n’ai fait que le mini trek de 4 jours à Huayhuash, et en tant que participant uniquement à la date de départ prévue.

    En fait, je ne l’ai pas fait seul, car c’était une organisation entière, avec mon guide Humberto Naval, le cuisinier, le muletier et ses trois ânes, et le cheval de sauvetage, toute cette logistique!

    Je ne vous oublierai pas, j’en garde un très bon souvenir, tout particulièrement de mon guide Humberto, très gentil, avec qui nous avons échangé des discussions intéressantes.

    Humberto est un guide culte, qui ne manque pas l’occasion de donner des informations sur les montagnes et la population locale, sur la faune et la flore locales, tout au long du trekking.

    Humberto a également adapté le rythme du trek à mes possibilités physiques, et a fait gagner du temps de récupération et d’information.

    Je vous recommande vraiment comme guide.

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