Llanganuco Lake

  • Llanganuco lagoon
  • Plaza de Caraz
  • Mirador Anta
  • Cristo Blanco de Yungay
  • Campo Santo de Yungay
  • Plaza de Carhuaz

Llanganuco lake Full day, Huaraz Peru

Located  northeast of the city of Huaraz at 3850 meters above sea level, consisting of two impressive lake, turquoise water mirrors accompanied by forests of quenuales, wild flowers and a varied fauna that are between the massifs of Huandoy and Huascarán Norte, the creek of Llanganuco It is also one of the most beautiful natural destinations that has the Cordillera Blanca and that is admired by touri     

Tour details

Duration: full day tour.

Grade: Easy tour by car.

Availability: All year.

Distance: 85 km.

Altitude: 3850m.





Departing Huaraz about 9:00am, you drive north in the Callejon de Huaylas with the first stop at Carhuaz where you visit the picturesque principal main square and church. Carhuaz is also well-known for its homemade ice cream made from fruits and liqueurs.

Yungay was severely affected by the earthquake in 1970 with an avalanche from Mt Huascarán that buried the city. This site is now a memorial known as Campo Santo (sacred land) which you visit next.

From here we take a detour to a dirt road from where we observe pictures until we reach the checkpoint of Huascaran National Park where we will register for the entrance of the park. This park was created in 1985 for the conservation of vegetation and wildlife in danger of extinction. The next destination we see on the tour is the beautiful Llanganuco Lake (3850msnm).

Descending back down into the Callejon de Huaylas via Yungay, we continue north to Caraz. On the way there is opportunity to have lunch (not included). In Caraz you will visit the main square and church, you also try out the sweet and delicious manjar blanco (made from milk). For those who just want to enjoy the craftsmanship and/or buy some souvenirs, there is a stop at Tarica on the way back to Huaraz, which is renowned for its arts and crafts, and then finish your day around 7pm.


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