Huánuco Marka

  • The mountains Yerupaja Grande, Yerupaja Chico, Jirishanca
  • Mitucocha Lake
  • Viewpoint Siula
  • Huacrish Viewpoint
  • The dawn
  • Cacananpunta Pass
  • Carhua Valley
  • Huánuco Marka

Inca Trail: Huánuco Marka Trek to Huayhuash “The capital of Chinchaysuyo”

This is a very interesting hike that takes you to new and fascinating places every day, including a visit to the archaeological sites of Huánuco Marka “The capital of Chinchaysuyo”. A citadel of typical constructions of the Inca period (late horizon). In the central square the Ushnu is located and to the surrounding neighborhoods with sectors destined to the public and religious administration.

The road network Qhapaq Ñan connected this city on the southeast with Cusco, and northeast with Cajamarca and Quito (Ecuador).

This tour offers an excellent combination of culture and nature, with more spectacular views of Yerupaja, Siula, Jirishanca, and has a dense collection of lakes full of trout in shades of blue, emerald and turquoise, the Huayhuash mountain range is incomparable with any another walk This trek is a true adventure and is recommended to people who like to get out of the routine of the cities and do something different.

Trek details

Duration: 08 days / 07 nights.

Altitude Max: 4900 Huacrish Viewpoint.

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging.

Daily walk: 5 to 7 Hours.

Location: Cordillera Huayhuash.

Best seasons: April / October.

Activities: Trekking and archeology.

Start: Huaraz / Queropalca.

Finish: Llamac / Huaraz.


A certified professional trekking guide,  who speaks Spanish and English if requiredtrained in 1st Aid, risk management and assessment and responsibility to provide overall standard of excellence in service quality.

A profesional cook who prepares a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes, and who is trained to cook in a hygienic manner mountain.

The muleteer (arriero) is in charge of loading the donkeys, looking after them and guiding them to camp.

The number of donkeys provided depends on the size of de the group.

Emergency Horse
One horse accompanies the group for emergency purposes.

Fantastic Meals
All food during the expeditions is provided as part of the package. We offer a combination of Peruvian and western dishes. The varied, good-quality, high-energy food prepared by our profesional cook is specifically suited to rigorous activity.  We also regularly accommodate vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-gluten and other specialty diets.

Private Transport
From you hotel in huaraz to the starting point of trek, an from the finishing point of the trek back to your hotel in Huaraz.


  • A good quality high mountain tent (doublé occupancy)
  • A foam sleeping mat.
  • Dining tent.
  • Kitchen tent.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Toilet tent.
  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit.
  • Cooking stove.
  • All necessary dishes (knifes, forks, spoons, plates, cups, etc.), cooking utensils and pots.


  • Sleeping bag.
  • Inflatable sleeping mattress.
  • Tip.
  • Water on the first day.
  • First breakfast (day 1).
  • Last dinner (day 8).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Soft drinks.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Additional expenses as a result of leaving the expedition early.
  • Additional expenses as a result of an emergency rescue or evacuation.
  • Items of personal nature.
  • All other services and ítems not listed as included.

Huanuco Marka trek. If you need more information CONTACT US 




Day 1: Huaraz – La Unión – Baños – Queropalca (3830 m.)

Departure from Huaraz 7:00 am
Passing through the towns of Recuay, Huanzala, Huallanca, La Unión.
Huánuco Marka where we have the visit of the archaeological complex of Huánuco Marka.
Continuing our route town of Baños, Santa Rosa, Queropalca.
The trip lasts 9 to 10 hours.


Day 2: Queropalca – Carhuacocha Lake (4138 m).

We leave through the Carhua valley with the views of Siula Grande, then Carhuacocha lagoon.
The walk lasts 5 hours.


Day 3: Carhuacocha Lake – Siula Viewpoint (4600m) – Carhuacocha Lake.

We got up very early to see the sunrise and the color of the sunrise.
We go through the Carhua valley to the Siula viewpoint where we have a great view.
From the Quisillococha lagoon, Siulacocha, Gangrajancacocha, and then return to the countryside.


Day 4: Carhuacocha Lake – Carhua Pass (4650 m) – Mitucocha Lake (4200 m).

Climb up the Yana Yana valley to the Carhua pass where there are other views.
Easy descent to the Janca valley, and visit Mitucocha lake, and field.


Day 5: Mitucocha Lake – Kacanan Punta Pass (4690 m) – Rondoy (4000 m).

We leave through the hot valley until the Kacanan pass point where we have the view of the Cordillera Huallanca.
We descend through the Llamac valley to the Rondoy field.
The walk lasts 6 to 7 hours.


Day 6: Rondoy – Sambunya Pass (4750 m) – Jahuacocha Lake (4050m).

Rise up the Rondoy valley until Sambunya pass another view of the Yerupaja mountain.
We descend along Solteracocha Lake to the Jahuacocha field.
The walk lasts 5 to 6 hours.


Day 7: Jahuacocha lake – Huacrish Viewpoint (4900 m) – Jahuacocha Lake.

We go through the Huacrish valley to the Llaucha pass point, an impressive view of the entire Huayhuash mountain range.
We are going by the hill Huacrish with the sight of Rondoy, Jirishanca, Yerupaja, Siula and Sarapo.
Descend in front of the lakes of Jahuacocha and Solteracocha, and camp


Day 8: Jahuacocha Lake – Village of Llamac – Huaraz.

We leave through the Achín valley to Pampa Llamac with other views and fields of crops.
We descend to the town of Llamac where our private transport wait us.
Return to the city of Huaraz, and the trip lasts 5 hours.


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