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  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    69 Lake

    Enjoy and explore this beautiful turquoise and crystalline lagoon, inside the white mountain range with an enchanting view of the high peaked mountains and much more!

  • Day Hikes

    Churup Lake

    If you want a unique experience, take a short walk to reach the Churup Lake the color of its waters is extremely beautiful, you can not miss it join us!…

  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    Llanganuco Lake

    Knowing one of the beautiful lagoons is a real pleasure, you have to take the time to admire the wonderful landscape that is offered along with its turquoise waters.

  • Day Hikes

    Paron Lake

    Make your life the best adventure, and visit this lagoon which is the largest in the Cordillera Blanca including a 360° viewpoint around the lagoon, with incredible mountains

  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    Pastoruri Glacier

    Glaciar Pastoruri, este tour se realiza en un día, esta es otra gran opción para tours de un día desde Huaraz.
    Pastoruri ubicado a 5000 metros al sureste de

  • Day Hikes

    Pukaventana Canyon

    Pukaventana trail offers a great way to ease into things and acclimatise at your own pace.

  • Day Hikes

    Willcacocha Lake

    Enjoy good acclimatisation day hike on the Cordillera Negra that passes some local villages and offers splendid views over the Cordillera Blanca.

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