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  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    69 Lake

    Enjoy and explore this beautiful turquoise and crystalline lagoon, inside the white mountain range with an enchanting view of the high peaked mountains and much more!

  • Cordillera Blanca


    The alpamayo is known for its beauty and its perfect pyramid shape, it is the landmark of attraction of the cedar ravine

  • Beautiful color of the Jancarurish lake
    Cordillera Blanca

    Classic Santa Cruz & Alpamayo

    The hike around Alpamayo is considered one of the longest and most challenging trekking circuits in the Cordillera Blanca dare and build your own story to tell

  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    Llanganuco Lake

    Knowing one of the beautiful lagoons is a real pleasure, you have to take the time to admire the wonderful landscape that is offered along with its turquoise waters.

  • Cordillera Blanca

    Olleros To Carhuascancha

    We follow an ancient Chavin route and are treated to fantastic mountain views, waterfalls many small crystal blue mountain lakes and traditional Andean mountain villages

  • Cordillera Blanca

    Olleros to Chavin Llama Trek

    On our 3 day Journey, you will find beautiful flora and fauna and some mountains that will leave you very impressed and in chavin an ancient and interesting culture

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    Pastoruri Glacier

    Glaciar Pastoruri, este tour se realiza en un día, esta es otra gran opción para tours de un día desde Huaraz.
    Pastoruri ubicado a 5000 metros al sureste de

  • View of the Santa Cruz Mountain
    Cordillera Blanca

    Pomabamba to Alpamayo

    The mountains and trails of Alpamayo will have impressive challenges for your adventures, dare to be part of a group to have a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

  • Cordillera Blanca

    Rurec – Shacsha

    An incredible itinerary of little tourist influx for hikers who like tranquility and get out of the classic routes, this trekking is a good option to forget the city…