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  • La Galería de Chavin

    Chavin De Huantar

    know and discover the fantastic of the Chavin de Huantar culture, stories behind every monolithic, ceramics, constructions, beliefs, gods, gastronomy and dances

  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    Llanganuco Lake

    Knowing one of the beautiful lagoons is a real pleasure, you have to take the time to admire the wonderful landscape that is offered along with its turquoise waters.

  • Cordillera BlancaDay Hikes

    Pastoruri Glacier

    Glaciar Pastoruri, este tour se realiza en un día, esta es otra gran opción para tours de un día desde Huaraz.
    Pastoruri ubicado a 5000 metros al sureste de

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