How to Get Huayhuash: The city of Huaraz is considered as the point of arrival from the city of Lima and the point of departure to reach the Huayhuash mountain range.

The most popular starting point is Huaraz, a city of 127,047 inhabitants located in the center-north part of Perú, approximately 8 hours by car or bus from Lima. There are many buses that operate daily from Lima to Huaraz, including Cruz Del Sur, Oltursa, Móvil Tours and many others. There are also flights operated by LC Peru.

From Huaraz, it is possible to hire private transportation to take you to the first Cuartelwain camp, the trip lasts approximately five hours. It is also possible to take public buses from Huaraz to the town of Llamac. From Llamac we started walking towards Cuartelwain camp or to Laguna Jahuacocha.

There are also other alternate routes to reach Huayhuash mountain range, travel from Lima to Cajatambo (3350m.).

From Huánuco there are buses that go to the Union. From the Union take private transport, there are two accesses, by Queropalca or Cuartelwain.

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