Explore Cordillera Blanca With Peruhuayhuash

18 March, 2020

Upon your first visit to Huascaran National Park, you will be wondering if you are in a mountain, andes, or maybe on another planet altogether. This otherworldly destination is internationally known for its world-class ice climbing, geological history, and of course. The park is a vast protected area that brings stark mountains landscapes to life with rugged rock formations and  flora that’s as skewed as it is diverse.

We take on the hassle of planning your trek so you can take in all that cordillera blanca has to offer and enjoy your trip. Optimize your time in cordillera blanca by joining our expert guides as they lead amazing hikes and find prime camping locations. We will find the right trails at just the right time to maximize your level of Andes solitude. Plus, traveling with us will help make your cordillera blanca adventure a safe and memorable hiking vacation.

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