Trekking fees to the Cordillera Huayhuash

Entry costs Huayhuash, because of its geography, the Cordillera Huayhuash unites three regions Ancash, Huánuco and Lima.

Ancash Region: includes following rural communities (Pocpa, Llamac and Pacllon).

Huanuco Region: comprises the following rural communities (Queropalca, Quishuarcancha, Machecancha and Tupac Amaru).

Lima Region: includes following rural communities (Uramaza and Huayllapa).

During the trek, each region of the Huayhuash is managed by the specific community that lives in the area. Each community charges an entrance fee to their grounds. This entrance fee will cover different things depending on the community. For some, it only covers usage of the trail. Others include campsites, toilets, and even night patrol guards.

Fees List by Community

Community of Llamac: Jahuacocha and Cuartelhuain camp S /. 30.00 soles

Community of Pocpa: S /. 15.00 soles.

Community of Queropalca and Mchecancha S /. 40.00 soles.

Community of Quisuarcancha S /. 25.00 soles.

Community of Tupac Amaru: camp Huayhuash S /. 25.00 soles.

Community of Uramaza: S /. 25.00 soles.

Community of Huayllapa: Guanacpatay, Cutatambo and Huatiac camps S /. 65.00 soles.

Community of Pacllon: camp Gashpapampa and part of Jahuacocha S /. 25.00 soles.

Entry costs Huayhuash. If you need more information Contact Us