Country Name: Republic of Perú.
Population: 29, 885,340 inhabitants.
Capital: Lima, one of the metropolis of America, where modernity is perfectly combined with a grand past full of tradition.
Form of Government: Democratic Republic.
President: Martin Vizcarra.
Languages: the official languages that predominate are the (Spanish 80.3% and Quechua 16.2%), the Aymara, as well as a variety of dialects in the jungle.
Currency: The Sol S /. (Change: $ 1.00 = S /. 3.40)
Religion: Catholics 89.03%, Evangelicals 6.73% other religions 2.56%, and no religion 1.65%.
Ethnic Groups: the Peruvian race is composed of Amerindians 45%, mestizos 37%, Europeans 15%, Africans 3% and Asia

Gastronomy: the richness of its lands and its cultural diversity make Peru a country of exquisite and varied gastronomy. Each city has a typical dish with an unparalleled flavor.

Thousands of products from the countryside and dozens of living cultures, which for centuries have shared a single territory, ended up creating an infinite supply, where only the palate must choose.
Emergency Calls: the phone numbers to call in case of emergency are 105 for the police, 117 for an ambulance and 116 for a fire.